The Top 100 Fastest Growing & Declining Categories in Ecommerce – data analysis by Stackline


Online shopping behaviour trends

Online shopping has risen dramatically in light of the recent spread of Coronavirus and lockdown measures. As a result e-commerce has made some significant shifts since the people are unable to go to shopping as usual. In addition to stockpiling toilet paper, hand sanitiser and other cleaning products there are some interesting shopping trends that have emerged among online shoppers.

Stackline have analysed US online sales data and compiled a list of the top 100 gaining and top 100 declining shopping categories in March 2020.

Among the categories that have seen a big increase in demand includes home fitness equipment, yoga, training accessories as well as increase in home office, computer accessories and craft projects to keep kids entertained while at home.

View the infographic below to see how shopping behaviour has changed as more time has been spent at home.


Original source Stackline