Bingeworthy Surf Movies on Netflix

Netflix is now very much part of our everyday entertainment and while the world is dealing with global pandemics and lockdowns it might be a good time to squeeze in a favourite Netflix surf pick so I’ve put together a list of surf films on offer and the countries (regions) they are available in.

We know in some parts of the world it’s summer (or winter swell) and ideal conditions for surfing but for the rest of us, as the nights draw in and we can’t surf due to various circumstances we can look to recreate a little of that feeling through watching surf films.

There aren’t tons surf movies on Netflix and they aren’t always available for long but we’ve trawled through and picked out the best currently on offer.

So grab a yourself a comfy seat, a beer and get ready to binge on some blue water action to keep your spirits high.

1. Resurface (2017)

Resurface is a short documentary about a suicidal war veteran who finds like-minded souls in a surf therapy program that helps traumatized soldiers heal while riding the waves.

Ages: Recommended for ages 16 and up
Runtime: 27m50s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+22


2. Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

This is definitely one for the bucket list if you haven’t watched it already. This documentary focuses on California’s Z-Boys, who revolutionized skateboarding in the 1970s when they brought surfing techniques into the sport of skateboarding.

Ages: Parental guidance suggested. May not be suitable for children.
Runtime: 1h31m1s

Countries available: flagflag


3. Magnetic (2018)

Magnetic is one of the longer films so get ready for it. Attracted to thrills across the globe, intrepid athletes venture to remote locations in pursuit of their extreme form of bliss.

It follows extreme sports athletes from a various disciplines including kitesurfing, speed riding, skiing and snowboarding and more, who travel the world in search of the ultimate conditions.

Ages: Recommended for ages 13 and up
Runtime: 1h50m12s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+13


4. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2019)

This documentary follows story of Hawaiian Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm as a teen from a shark attack. The story is a testament to her will power, adaptability and passion for the ocean and leads on to her making waves in pro surfing and her personal life.

Ages: some thematic elements
Runtime: 1h40m7s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+19


5. Soul Surfer (2011)

As above this older film follows Hawaiian teen Bethany Hamilton as she bravely returns to competitive surfing after losing her left arm in a vicious shark attack.

Ages: Parental guidance; general viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children
Runtime: 1h46m2s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflag

6. Solo (2018)

Based on a true story, in a remote area of the Canary Islands, a surfer falls off a cliff. While battling the ensuing sea conditions and fighting to survive, he has flashbacks on his life and past romance.

Ages:Recommended for ages 13 and up

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+22


7. Rip Tide (2017)

Not a documentary but a teen flick surf related film, Rip Tide follows a New York model who decides to escape from her suffocating existence by visiting a faraway aunt in Australia.

Ages: Allowed for all audiences.
Runtime: 1h27m27s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+16


8. A Plastic Ocean (2016)

As surfers we are highly aware of the environmental impact of human life on our oceans. This film will help maintain that awareness and respect for our oceans as this documentary filmmaker investigates plastic pollution’s environmental impacts.

Ages: Mild themes and coarse language
Runtime: 1h40m6s

Countries available: flagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflagflag+22


I hope you enjoy this bingeworthy list of films that we have collated and hope it provides some inspiration for those days when you can’t get out on the water.

As an alternative to Netflix I’d suggest checking out RedBull Media (if available in your region) for more surf and extreme sports films.

uNoGS (unofficial Netflix online Global Search) allows anyone to search the global Netflix catalog and see what films are available in each region.


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