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This has been one of my favourite reading/learning apps for the last couple of years.
What is it? Blinkist is essentially books condensed into 10-15min reads/audios which are great for busy entrepreneurs and parents short on time!
Since using the app I’ve read/listened to over 150 books!
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If you’d rather not use the link above but still want to take advantage of the offer you can always google Blinkist and I promise I won’t be offended as I genuinely love this app.
If you’re not sure whether you will like it you can start a free 7 day trial of premium to test it out.
Finally, as I firmly believe that money should not be a barrier to entry my top tip is that you can get a free blink (both written summary and audio) a day even on the free plan which is well worth signing up for!
Get 40% off on your first year of Blinkist Premium >>>