Extreme Sports Training Performance: 15 minute bodyweight and kettlebell WOD (workout of the day) kiteboarding workout plan. 

Type: HIIT training, cross-fit, hybrid, calisthenics, bodyweight, kettlebells.

Level: Intermediate

Focus: Kitesurf/Kiteboarding Workout Plan, also great for other watersports, snowboarding, climbing, biking athletes and more.

This bodyweight, kettlebell and deadlift WOD is a great way to maintain kiteboarding exercises off the water. 

I love cross training, full body workouts you can do at home, travelling or anywhere. They activate lots of muscle groups and build core strength and can be done with minimal or no equipment. 

When done 2-3 times per week you can get great results that translate to better cardiovascular endurance, explosive strength and solid core which is excellent for extreme sports training, particularly outdoor sports such as kitesurfing, snowboarding, climbing, biking and more.

This WOD routine packs a full body workout into 15 minutes which is great if you’re short on time or a busy parent.

Whether you want to call it HIIT training, cross-fit, calisthenics, bodyweight, they are great for fat loss, maintaining lean muscle and for good metabolic health. A full body cross fit kiteboarding workout plan is great for maintaining extreme sports fitness during the off season and for winter training.  So if you’re stuck at home due COVID-19, working from home or looking for something to keep your training up in between sessions when off the water then stick these kiteboarding exercises into your workout plan routine. 


Start: Dynamic warm up.

✅10 x kettlebell squats (video)
✅5 x plyo pushups (video)
✅10 x sit-ups 
✅5 x bear crunches (video)
✅10 x kettlebell deadlifts (video)
✅10 x kettlebell rows (video)
✅5 x kettlebell curl and press (video)

Repeat AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes, but don’t sacrifice form for speed. You should be able to manage 5 or 6 rounds.

Finish: Cool down stretching. 

If you don’t have a kettlebell then adapt the exercises or use a dumbbell, or whatever other non breakable heavy object / small child you can find.

If you are after a single piece of equipment for working out I’d recommend a kettlebell. Check out the range of kettlebells on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

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